The Spa - Scarborough


The Spa - Scarborough

I hope my blog doesn’t die the second I leave London, my photos outside of the city are considerably less popular/ interesting :/

Is there anything I can do here to keep people interested after I move?

Dan and I went to a wildlife reserve today for the spring lambing, which is when they invite members of the public to come and look at all of the cute new born lambs :)

It was quite fun and of course the lambs were extremely cute, afterwards we took a walk around the reserve. Which was really just a vast meadow with the odd lake, surrouded by chemical plants and power stations (well something along those lines…), but it had a odd surreal beauty to it. Its also worth mentioning all of the interesting wood scapltures dotted around the place, many having an Alice in wonderland theme.

After walking around we went to the visitors center which was in a pretty cool modern building that kind of stuck out like a sore thumb (in a good way) for some lunch. Because it was the Easter Holidays the place was full of excited children who were making cut out chicks and bunnies in a little class room, but the cafe area was fairly relaxed and child free.

I had a Jacket potato with backed beans and cheese and a salad for £3.50 (the photo isn’t very appealing but trust me it was yummy!) and Dan had chicken with bacon and a BBQ sauce + chips and garden peas for £5.60. For the price everything was spot on!

Today I visited a great seaside town called Scarborough, which is in the north of England. I can not recommend it enough especially if you want to go some where very typically English.

Scarborough has maintained an extremely traditional seaside resort vibe. It’s all about fish and chips, penny arcades, beach huts, donkey rides and rock candy. (And all if this is quirky charm surrounded by gorgeous scenery.)

I will be sure to post proper photos soon, but for now here’s a photo set of random pointless pictures!

Anonymous asked: Hi there. I recently created a British food blog for British food. Because I love our cuisine to death and was genuinely surprised that their wasn't an active British food blog on tumblr. Only problem is, it's a side blog, so I can't follow people and I'm having trouble gaining followers and getting off the ground... If it's not too much trouble, could you help get the word out? My blog URL is BritishOmNoms and I only have a few posts so far, but plenty more in the queue!

A british food blog sounds really interesting, I’m glad someone has decieded to tackle the subject! Um however I looked up your url and I couldn’t find the blog, maybe you made a typo?

A random selection of photos taken during an outing with my Dad (who was visiting for the day.) I can’t say it enough if you visit this city, walk! Walk everywhere! That’s the best way to experience London.

eternalondonhauntsustill asked: Thanks for the follow! I'm glad you appreciate my blog as I know it is a little different and it is nerve wracking taking my own photos. I just couldn't find anything that truly represented the London I know and care about. Also I had a flood of followers which I think might be to do with your post so THANKYOU :) Keep up the good work :)

You keep up the good work as well! I hope you continue to gain followers :) good luck with your blogging!

eternalondonhauntsustill asked: Hello! I am excited to find your blog. I have just started one which is a little bit similar to yours although I think we might have different views of London/ come from different places haha :) However I do really like yours and it made me happy to see someone else doing something like this. I look forward to following you :)

I really like your blog, its shows a considerably less touristy side of London that I don’t have the courage to post about it. I will defiantly be following you back~