Anonymous asked: What town do you live in? The pictures are lovely!! -an ignorant American

Right now I live in a place called Hartlepool, it’s a little bit run down but I think it has its charms.

PS you don’t sound like a ignorant American to me ;)

I’ve noticed a lot of high schoolers in American TV shows look like they’re in their late twenties early thirties. Not gonna lie it’s a bit distracting haha



I was looking into the benefits of herbal tea the other day and ended up making this silly illustrated chart. I thought I’d reblog it here since I know many of you guys enjoy a cup of tea ;)

Why do I keep finding giant spiders in my house?? Has someone cursed me?

Well that was a weird doctor who episode, probably the best one of the season for far. I actually didn’t despise Clara for once and the first half of the story was generally creepy (aka when they’re in Rupert’s bedroom).

However the episode sort of lost steam towards the end and it’s lack of direction became very apparent…I kept sort of waiting for it to get to the point but it never did. Despite my negativity it was a massive improvement on the Robin hood ep since it didn’t make me want to set myself on fire…so I will tune in next week.
Oh I also really like Mr Pink he’s the first Doctor who side character I’ve been curious about since Wilfred.


I used to love taking photos of vinyl sticker stuck on street signs around London. So it was great to see so many around Vienna! They always have such a unique illustrative style :)